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What's New in MPMI with Adam Heuberger and Janak Joshi
Adam Heuberger and Janak Joshi present "Protease Inhibitors from Solanum chacoense Inhibit Pectobacterium Virulence by Reducing Bacterial Protease Activity and Motility"


May 9, 2023 08:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Adam L. Heuberger
Associate Professor @Colorado State University
Dr. Heuberger’s laboratory studies biochemical diversity in fruits and vegetables, cereals, and pulse crops. The major goals of this research are to characterize the influence of genetic and environmental factors on plant metabolism, and understand how these factors affect health traits of food crops. By identifying the links between plant genetics and metabolism, it is possible to facilitate breeding for food crops with improved biochemical traits, specifically for nutrients and other phytochemicals that affect human health. Additional areas of research include identifying plant metabolites associated with sensory quality in foods, and evaluating the utility of mass spectrometry-based metabolite profiling to facilitate breeding of quality traits in crops. This research integrates techniques in the fields of metabolomics, analytical chemistry, plant breeding and genomics.
Janak Joshi
Postdoctoral Fellow @Colorado State University
My research focuses on identifying the resistance against bacterial soft rot disease of potato. The disease have no curative measures and no resistance available in commercial potatoes. Fortunately, wild potato species were found to have resistance characteristics against the disease. Therefore, I am using chemistry and molecular biology tools to identify the factors that contribute to the resistance. The findings will then be transferred into commercial potatoes to achieve soft rot resistant potatoes.